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YMRC For Suppliers...

YMRC was built from ground zero by Debbie Stewart in 2010. Debbie is a former CVB who hosted hundreds of military reunions each year.

As a former supplier, we were all wanting MORE and didn't feel standing at a booth was quality sales time. No one else was offering what we were looking for, thus, YMRC was born.

YMRC is the official innovator for pre-scheduled marketplace appointments for the Military Market. Now you DO get quality sales time and NO MORE WARM BODIES, but real QUALIFIED Military Reunion Planners!

YMRC firmly pre-qualifies the military planners who are considering your destination.

YMRC Marketplace events offer pre-scheduled fifteen (15) minute appointments which have been proven historically to create a much more effective approach to selling…... Face to Face.

You only need to bring your profile sheets and/or up to two (2) sheets of sales collateral, your business cards, your smile and be ready to book business!

Benefits For Suppliers...

If you become a member of YMRC, there are numerous benefits for you and the organizations you represent. Although you do not have to become a member to attend YMRC events, there are substantial monetary benefits and discounts should you choose to become a member. For full membership information and incentives, click here, or visit the "Membership" tab on the drop down box under the "Supplier" menu tab at the top of the page.

  • Pre-scheduled appointments with qualified planners in a proficient setting.
  • No more shipping a trade show booth - No more unpacking & setting up - No more standing at a table hoping to see all of the planners - No more budget money spent on giveaways.
  • Protect your budget dollars for additional revenue streams rather than giveaways, shipping costs.
  • Joint breakfast with the planners for additional networking.
  • Joint lunch with the planners with another avenue to seal the deals.
  • Leads of all attending planners for the follow up to obtain more group business.
  • The least expensive path to have pre-qualified military group business.