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YMRC Reunion Member Groups:

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(NRRA) Naval Reserve Recruiters Association

10th Army Ranger Co.

117th Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam Association

11th Armored Calvary

11th Engineer Battalion Association

13th Armored Division (WWII) Association, Inc

13th Armored Division (WWII) Association, Inc. 

13th Engineer (C) Battalion Assoc.

13th Military Police Company, Vicenza, Italy

14th Combat Engineer Battalion Association

15th Radio Squadron Mobile

169th Engineer Battalion

173rd Airborne Brigade B Co. Med

1874th Engineer Aviation Battalion

1874th Engineer Aviation Battalion

189th Assault Helicopter Co.

196th Light Infantry Brigade Association

198th Infantry

1st Radio Squadron Mobile

2nd A/C Bamberg Germany

3/16 Artillery Reunion Group

304th Signal Operation Battalion

328th Radio Research Reunion

335th Radio Research Company

351st Bomb Group

377 Security Police Squadron

3rd Marine Division Association

401st/834th Supply Squadron


459th Wing Association

461st Bombardment Group (H)

492nd Bomb Group

4th & 80th Artillery

508/337 Field Artillery Battalion

509th Composite Group

509th Engineer Company (Vietnam 1965-1971)

511th AC & W Group Reunion Association

525 Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

53 Fox Pilot Training Class

57th Alumni

58th & 60th Fighter Interceptor Squadrons

58th Fighter Association Inc.

590th Transportation

599th Field Artillery/Armored Field Artillery

5th Communications Group Assn (5th Air Force)

5th Missile Reunion Group

601st & 615thy AC&WS Association

601st Tactical Control Association

614th ACWRON

61st Fighter Squadron

664th AC&W Squadron Veterans Association

676th Radar Squadron

67th Tac Recon USAF

6952nd Security Group, USAFSS

70th AAA Gun Battalion

712th Transportation Railway Operators Battalion

71st Transportation Battalion Vietnam Veterans


783rd ACWRON

78th Air Police Squadron Association

796th Military Police Battalion Association


88th Infantry Division, N.E. Chapter 

88th Infantry Division, S.E. Chapter 

8th Air Force (WWII)

92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion - Korea

95C Reunion Group

998th Quartermaster Company

9th Engineer Bn. Assoc. USMC

9th Motor Transport Group Guam

A Co. 25 Aviation Battalion (Little Bears)

A-37 Association

AE/AOE Sailors Association


Air Force Postal Courier Association

Air Rescue Association

All F-106 Reunion Group

Alpha Battery, 1st Bn 11th Marines

AM Embassy Saigon

Army Counter Intelligence Corps Veterans

Automatic 8th Veterans

Avel Vietnam Reunion

B-26 Marauder Historical Society

Babenhausen Veterans & Friends

Brotherhood of Dak To Defenders Inc. 299th Combat Eng Bat

C123's in South East Asia


Chivo Reunion Organization

Co B 1/6th Infantry

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association

Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association 

Coast Guard Investigative Association

Company D, 2nd Bn, 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div

D Company, 87th Construction Engineers

D/2/16, 1st Inf Div, 1967-70

Desert Storm Reunion Cruise

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association - Old Dominion Chapter

Destroyer Leader Association

Detachment 8 Association

El Paso Texas Army Buddies

F-106 Reunion Group

F-14 Tomcat Association

FLC-FLSG Alpha & Bravo Marines

Florida Chief Petty Officers Association (FCPOA)

Force Logistics Command - Force Logistics Support Groups Alpha/Bravo 

Force Logistics Command - Force Logistics Support Groups Alpha/Bravo

Fox Company 2nd Battalion 8th Marines

G 2/7 Vietnam

Golden Eagles

Golf Co 2-7 1st Mar Div Vietnam

H&S Co 1st Bn 7th Marines

Helicopter Anti-Sub Squadron Two (HS-2)

Herzo Base Survivors

HOF Reunion Association


L Co. 21st Inf. Reg. 24th Inf. Div.

Laon Air Police Association

Legion of Valor

Marine 115

Marine Barracks Bermuda

Marine Corps Engineer Assn

Marine Corps League, Dept of FL

Marine Fighter Squadron 542

MCB 11 Association (Navy Seabees)

MCB 2 Reunion Association - Korean-era Seabees

Moriyama Rats

Moroccan Vets


NAS Chase Field

National Sonar Association

Navy Postal Clerk Association (NCPA)

NMCB 11 Association

NOB/NAS Trinidad Reunion Organization

Northeast Region (Region IV) of Military Women Across the Nation

NRRA (Naval Reserve Recruiters Assoc.)

OCS 66-16 Reunion

Orphans of the Pacific

Overseas Brats Association

PASVA Reunion

Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association

Pleiku MP Association


Prorzheim Air Station Veterans Association

R.A.F. Welford

Recon Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 60th Inf Div, Vietnam

Reunion Robert

RTC Orlando Reunion Group

RTC Orlando Reunion Group 

Sampson AFB Fellowship

SBR 4-14-1989 Reunion

Squadrons & Shipmates of the FDR/Midway

Sun City Hilton Head Veterans

Sun City Hilton Head Veterans 

TACAMO Community Veterans Association

Tacamo Survivors

Taney Shipmates/Coast Guard

Tri-State Chief Petty Officers Association TCPOA


USAF Radar Stations Veterans Worldwide


USCG Lightship Sailors Association

USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279 Assoc.

USNMCB 71 Seabee Reunion

USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602

USS Aeolus ARC-3

USS Agerholm DD-826

USS Ajax AR-6 Reunion Association

USS Alhena AK-26/AKA-9

USS Allen M Sumner DD-692

USS Antietam CV/CVA/VS-36


USS Arnold J Isbell DD869

USS Atule SS 403

USS Aucilla (AO-56) Association

USS Barry DD-993

USS Barton DD-722

USS Batfish SSN-681

USS Bausell DD-845

USS Bearss DD-654

USS Begor APD-127

USS Bell DD587 Association

USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31

USS Braine DD 630

USS Bristol County LST-1198

USS Bristol County LST-1198 Association 

USS Brooke DEG-1/FFG-1 Association

USS Brush DD 745

USS Bushnell AS-15 Reunion

USS Cabildo LSD-16

USS Canopus AS-34/AS-9 Association

USS Caperton DD650 Reunion Trust

USS Caron DD-970

USS Carp SS338

USS Casimir Pulaski Reunion

USS Cavalier APA-37

USS Charles H. Roan DD-853

USS Charleston LKA-113

USS Chemung AO-30

USS Chikaskia AO 54

USS Chivo Reunion Organization


USS Chopper Association

USS Cogswell DD-651 Assoc.

USS Colahan DD-658

USS Colonial LSD-18 Association

USS Columbia CL-56 Association

USS Columbus Veterans Association

USS Compton DD-705

USS Conway Veterans Association

USS Conyngham D371-DDG17

USS Corry DD/DDR-817

USS Cortland


USS Decatur

USS DeHaven DD-727 Sailors Assoc.

USS Dewey

USS Diodon SS-349

USS Douglas H. Fox DD-779 Assn.

USS Downes FF-1070

USS Downes FF-1070 

USS England DLG/CG-22

USS Enoree AO/TAO-69

USS Ernest G. Small DD/DDR-838

USS Escape ARS-6

USS Fairview ( E-PCE(R)850 ) Association

USS Firedrake AE-14

USS Fletcher Reunion Group


USS Francis Marion APA-LPA 249

USS Frank Knox DDR-742 Reunion Assoc


USS Fred T. Berry DD/DDE 858

USS Frontier AD25

USS Furse DD/DDR-882

USS Galveston Shipmates Assoc

USS Gambier Bay CVE-73/VC-10 Association

USS Gearing DD-710

USS George K Mackenzie Association

USS Glover FF-1098

USS Grand Canyon AD/AR-28 Sailors Org.

USS Greenwich Bay AVP-41

USS Hardhead SS365

USS Holland AS-32 Association

USS Hugh Purvis - DD709

USS Hughes DD-410 Reunion

USS Huse (DE-145)

USS Hyman DD-732 Association

USS Inchon Association

USS Independence CV-62

USS Intrepid Crew Members Assoc.

USS Iowa BB-61 Veterans Assoc.

USS Iwo Jima Class LPHs

USS James C Owens DD776

USS Jarvis DD-799

USS JC Owens DD-776

USS John R. Craig DD885

USS John Young DD-973

USS Joseph Hewes DE/FF/FFT-1078

USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16

USS Kamehameha SSBN-642


USS Kenneth Whiting AV-14

USS King DLG-10/DDG-41


USS L. Y. Spear (AS-36) Association

USS La Salle LPD/AGF-3 Assoc.

USS Laws DD-558

USS Leary DD-879

USS Lewis DE-535

USS Long Beach CGN9 Assoc. Inc.


USS Lyman K Swenson DD 729 Sailors Assoc.

USS Lynde McCormick DDG-8

USS Macdonough DLG-8/DDG-39 

USS Maddox Destroyer

USS Mahan Association

USS Manley DD-940 Association

USS Markab AR-23/AD-21

USS Markab Association

USS McKean DD/DDR-784

USS Meredith DD434-726-890

USS Mills DER 383

USS Mitscher DL-2

USS Moale DD 693 Association

USS Monssen DD798

USS Monticello LSD-35

USS Morton DD-948

USS Mullinnix DD944 Association

USS Nantahala A0-60

USS Nautilus (SSN 571)


USS Neches AO-47

USS Neches AO-47 

USS New Jersey Vet. Org

USS New Mexico BB-40 Association

USS Northampton Reunion Assn.

USS O’Brien DD 725

USS O'Bannon Shipmates Association

USS O'Callahan DE/FF 1051

USS Okanogan APA-220

USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 Association

USS Orca AVP-49

USS Orleck DD-886 Association

USS Ozbourn DD846 Association

USS Passumpsic AO107

USS Perry DD-844

USS Platte Association

USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16/JCC-16

USS Point Cruz CVE-119 Assn.

USS Power DD 839 Association

USS Prairie AD-15

USS Preston DD-795

USS Princeton Veterans Inc.

USS Queenfish SS-393/SSN-651

USS Radford DD446

USS Randolph Reunion Association

USS Rathburne DE/FF 1057

USS Reeves DLG/CG-24 Association

USS Remey DD688

USS Rendova CVE 114


USS Renshaw DD/DDE 499

USS Richard E. Byrd DDG 23

USS Richmond K. Turner DLG/CG-20

USS Roanoke CL-145

USS Robert L. Wilson DD/DDE-847 Reunion Association

USS Rodman DD456/DMS21

USS Saint Louis LKA-116

USS Saipan CVL 48 Association

USS Salem Association

USS Salisbury Sound AV-13 Assoc.

USS Sam Houston SSBN/SSN 609

USS Sampson DDG-10

USS San Diego (AFS-6)

USS San Marcos LSD-25

USS Saratoga  CV-3/CV-60

USS Savannah AOR-4 Association

USS Seadevil SSN-664

USS Seattle AOE-3 Veterans Association

USS Sennet SS-408

USS Shangri La CV 38

USS Sierra AD-18

USS Silverstein DE 534

USS Silverstein DE 534 

Uss Spiegel Grove LSD-32

USS Spinax SS-489

USS St. Louis LKA-116

USS Swordfish SSN-579


USS Tallahatchie County LST-1154/AVB-2 Association

USS Tattnall DDG-19

USS Taussig DD-746

USS Terror  CM-5

USS The Sullivans DD-537/DDG-68 Association

USS Topeka CLG-8 Assn

USS Trigger SS-564

USS Triton SSN-586 Reunion Group

USS Trout SS-566 Association

USS Trumpetfish SS425 Veterans Association, Inc.

USS Voge

USS Wabash AOR-5

USS Walke DD723

USS Warrington DD843 Alumni Organization

USS Washoe County LST 1165

USS Washtenaw County LST 1166

USS Wedderburn DD-684

USS Willard Keith DD-775 Reunion Assoc.

USS William M. Wood DD/DDR 715

USS Witek DD/EDD 848

USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN624 Association

USS Worcester CL-144

USS Wren DD-568

USS Yancey AKA-93

USS Zellars DD-777

VC-8 Military Reunion

VP40 Military Reunion


VP48 Reunion Association

WAVES National

Webb AFB Undergraduate Pilot Training Class 67A

YAGRS Reunion

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