Conference Overview


YMRC Events are held Nationwide and encompass education, information, and Networking.  Our Planners Conferences are geared for both seasoned and first-time planners with group and one on one discussions


YMRC Conferences and FAM (FAMiliarization) tours are offered nationwide. Our services encompass education, information, and networking. Whether you are a new or seasoned planner, YMRC is your resource for planning your next military reunion.

We will put you in contact with key people at whichever destination you are considering for your next reunion and provide scheduled face-to-face appointments with exhibitors in a marketplace format.

What you can expect…

When you sign up for a YMRC Reunion Planners Conference you are becoming a part of a group whose sole purpose is to put you in contact with Convention Visitor Bureau Representatives, Hotel Reunion Specialist, Venue Representatives, Transportation Specialist and more.  All of these great YMRC suppliers WANT your military reunion business.  They all recognize the fact that Military Reunion Groups are a big segment of the industry and are usually flexible for booking dates to obtain better reunion rates.

From the time you arrive at the host hotel until the time you depart, you’ll be treated like the valued customer you are.  All costs of the Hotel, meals, transportation, supplies and entertainment for the Conference are included in your registration fee.

On day one we have a “Muster Time,” social event where you will get to meet the other attendees get to know each of them.  Everyone will be issued their name tag for the week so you’ll know who you’re talking to without asking.  And, this is a good time to exchange business cards with each other so that you can stay in touch via email and social media like the YMRC Facebook page.

After the muster event, the rest of the week will consist of an introductory meeting, round table discussions, question and answer periods, FAM’s (FAMiliarization) visits to hotels, local visitor attractions, military venues, restaurants, and other businesses.  And, as stated before, the cost of transportation, food, and any entry fees are covered in your YMRC registration fee.


While you may feel overwhelmed if it’s your first YMRC event, you’ll soon catch on to the flow of the things.  We’ll be busy learning about reunion planning while having a fun time doing it.  And, don’t by any means feel self-conscious if it’s your first event because everyone attending was a “newbie” once and had those first-time jitters.  Questions are always encouraged and as the old saying goes “The only stupid question is the unasked question!” We want you to know that your  questions and contributions are important because they truly are to us.

Please remember, YMRC is here to help you have the best reunion for your military group possible with proper planning techniques, selecting great venues and learning to deal with the suppliers who want and appreciate your business.

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